*Amazon Echo Dot Review

Is there anything better than a new gadget?

I had been eyeing the *Amazon Echo Dot up for a while. I was very intrigued. It sounded like such an innovative and fun device.

Amazon Echo Dot Review

What is the Echo Dot?

“Amazon Echo Dot connects to Alexa-a cloud-based voice service-to play music, make calls, set alarms and timers, ask questions, check your calendar, weather, traffic and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control compatible smart home devices, and more.”

My thoughts:

When i received the parcel, and opened it, the Echo Dot was far smaller than i anticipated. But this is a good thing, it’s easy to move around and display wherever you like.

The Echo Dot is sleek and modern, it is available in two colours. Black and white.

Setting up the device was fool proof. There is a step-by-step leaflet included, you plug in the Echo Dot, download the free Alexa app and link the Echo Dot to your Wi-Fi. You set the Echo Dot up through the app. It takes 5 minutes, tops.

Then this is when the fun begins. All you need to say loudly and clearly is “Alexa” the blue ring flashes, this signals that she is listening.

Amazon Echo Dot Review

You can ask to play music, request news updates, order an Uber, order food from Just Eat, order items from Amazon.

This is done by setting up the accounts through the app, and adding bank details. Then you are good to go.

The free Alexa app that runs alongside the Echo Dot is a great place to start, you can explore all the things that Alexa can do. It is very much a gadget that is personal, and tailored to you.

You can ask how big the sun is, you can ask Alexa to help you sleep, organise your calendar.

The list is endless.

If you have snazzy home heating like Hive, Wemo, Tide etc you can ask Alexa to put lights on, dim lights and adjust the heating in your home, Alexa can even put a coffee machine on. (If you have certain types of plugs that are compatible).

Amazon Echo Dot Review

The software is constantly updating through the cloud, and i receive emails weekly telling me all about the new things that Alexa can now do.

In order to listen to music you do need an Amazon music account, Spotify or tunein. I have had an Amazon music account for a while now, but it may be a little niggle for those who don’t.

You can link your Kindle, and Alexa will read you the books that have text-to-speak technology.

You can call or message people for free, if you have a couple dotted around the house then it also can be used an intercom to chat to people in other rooms.

I think this a really useful feature, especially for elderly or people who may be poorly.

I thought, the novelty would wear off. But it hasn’t.

Every morning i check the weather, and play some music. Every evening i ask to listen to the news, and then play some music whilst cooking dinner.

Any random pieces of information i need to find out, 9 times out of 10 Alexa knows the answer.

As it is so small and lightweight, i unplug from downstairs and bring it up to my bedroom, because stop the press, Alexa is also an alarm clock.

(Is there anything she can’t do?)

I plan on purchasing a couple, and giving them to family members for Christmas. I am so impressed.

The Echo Dot is unbelievably easy to use, It’s snazzy, modern and it’s a very clever little device.

I think everyone would love it.

It is also affordable, and retails at £49.99.

It is a wonderful addition to our household, even if Gabriel does have poor Alexa up the wall. Haha.

Buy, or find our more about the Echo Dot here

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