Five Minute Eye Make-Up!

The products featured on this post today, are much loved make-up items. Hence why they are not looking all sparkly and new. Let’s be honest they look well dodge! But I had quite a few people asking what products i used on my eyes on my last post, here.

So even though it pains me to feature such grubby looking items on my blog, i feel this is reality, and every single one of us has a LOT of make-up that looks like this.

So ya know, I decided to bite the bullet and press PUBLISH!

5 minute eye make up
I am not to good at applying eye make-up, actually I am pretty rubbish! But these products featured today make life a hell of a lot easier.

The Charlotte Tilbury eye crayons in particular are my go-to product. The whole look i will be chatting about today, takes no longer than five minutes, tops.

Five Minute Eye Make-Up
Charlotte Tilbury – Black Diamonds Colour Chameleon Eye Pencil:

This pencil is recommended for people with blue eyes, it’s a smoky black glittery eye crayon.

I find if i apply it straight to the lid, it can drag a little. I usually swipe a couple of times on the back of my hand to warm the product up, it then applies much softer on the lid. I find it is easier to blend  in with my fingers opposed to a brush, the crayon is very pigmented and only a small amount is needed. You have around 30 seconds to work with it, and then it doesn’t budge. You can also build it up, I usually do around 1-2 layers dependant on the occasion.

Five Minute Eye Make-Up

Charlotte Tilbury – Amber Haze Colour Chameleon Eye Pencil:

This pencil is recommended for people with brown eyes, i have blue, and i still love it. The shade is a rustic, antique, sparkly, amber shade. Again all the above applies to this shade too.

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyeliner, Dark Black. Shade M10:

I really like the softness of this eyeliner.

It feels so comfortable when applying across the lash line, and as it’s so creamy it’s easy to blend.

I do think it lacks pigmentation when applied to the waterline.

(I much prefer Estee Lauder Double Wear black eyeliner for the waterline. That is the bomb).

Five Minute Eye Make-Up

How I use the products:

In the picture featured below, I simply coloured across my whole lid with the Black Diamond crayon and blended with my finger. I then drew under my lower lash line with the crayon, and blended out with a fluffy blending brush.

Five Minute Eye Make-Up

I then used the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette, (which i don’t use enough of) and I used the smoke shade (bottom right) across my socket as a transitional shade, lightly blending. I then used the prime shade (top left) across my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye.

I then applied a pair of false eyelashes lined my lash line with the Make-up Forever eye crayon, and blended that out a little.

I also added the eyeliner to my upper and lower water line. I then used the KVD liquid liner across the lash line too.

(Oooops forgot to photograph that, but you can find a full review here)

I follow the exact same process when using Amber Haze. I tend to use Amber Haze, when I want a softer and more natural make-up look.

So yes pretty simple, the way i like it.

Annie over at Musing Of a Make-up Junkie created a stunning look, using the Dolce Vita palette.

I wish i had her skills.

What eye products are you loving at the mo?


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