Awesome August

August is one of my favourite months, (selfishly because it’s my birthday). It has been a great month, and i thought I would share a rundown of some of the highlights so far:

Friends Fest: For my Birthday me and all the girls went to Friends Fest in Manchester, it was absolutely amazing and so much fun, I hope it’s an annual event as I would go back in a heartbeat. If you are a Friends fan, then this festival is a must.

(Yes, that is little old me in Rachel and Monica’s apartment) Waaaaa!!!

Awesome August

Crosley Cruiser: A birthday present from the rents, I have wanted an LP player for so long, and this is the nicest one my eyes has ever seen.

It looks super retro, and it fits in with my living room decor perfectly. I haven’t stopped using it, and I am enjoying building up my vinyl collection.

Awesome August

Plus, music ain’t ever gonna sound as good as it does on vinyl. Fact.

Awesome August

Power: I am so picky when it comes to TV shows. I have the attention span of a goldfish, but I am obsessed with Power.

Everyone i know who watches, feel the same. Currently on Netflix, i recommend you go watch ASAP. But keep your eyes off Tommy ladies & gents, he’s all mine.

Pizza Express: So i am gonna put it out there. Eating out with a toddler on the whole, is not an enjoyable experience. I get it, they don’t look at eating out as an enjoyable experience either. But for me, well it is one of my favourite pass times.

I have tried everything from a new toy, colouring book, to caving and handing my phone over for five minutes, just so i can eat my food in a respectable manner. All short term solutions, it always ends up with me running around like a headless chicken, regardless.

Enter Pizza Express, situated in Liverpool One there is a pizza station where the kids can make, and roll dough. We ask for a table right next to the dough station, and the kids play for so long.

Awesome August

Utter genius, i can now eat a meal without it being freezing cold, or riddled with heartburn because i have inhaled it so fast. Plus the staff are really great, and the food is affordable and super fresh.


The Hope Family Calendar: I “think” this is my favourite book of the year so far, as soon as I read the first page i was hooked. It’s about a father who loses his wife in tragic circumstances, and is left to care for his 2 young daughters. But instead, he spends all his time at work, and shuns his responsibilities leaving his Mother-in-law to play both Mum & Dad.

Awesome August

From the off the Father is a very likeable character, and as a reader you feel very sorry for him, he has never got over the loss of his wife. The story flips from the Mother-in-law and Fathers perpsective. The story is a journey about dealing with grief.  It is sad, endearing, inspirational and up-lifting. I highly recommend.

Awesome August

Organising: From sorting my wardrobes, make-up stash, to getting a skip and decluttering.

Yes, totally adulting this month.

My home now feels like a space that I love so much. Decluttering, streamlining and getting rid of unnecessary items I didn’t need, has totally transformed my mood.

Awesome August

Being an unorganised mess 90% of the time, i am hoping and praying that this is something I can maintain. Wish me luck!

Bank Holiday on the horizon: Question: Why isn’t there a Bank Holiday at least once a month? Asking for a mate.

August is a busy month in my job, i work longer hours, and have more responsibilities – so an extra day off is much welcomed.

New beginnings: So my boy starts reception in September. I feel so excited for him, and I can’t wait for him to start this new adventure in School. I have all his uniform sorted, even ironed in all his name tags, and fitted a notice board in the kitchen. I am told school life is like a military operation? Anyone who knows me, knows I am a total scatter brain, but I am gonna change, I promise.

Mary Poppins ain’t gonna have nothing on me.

So what have you been doing/planning in the month of August? Hit me up in the comments.



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