Rapido 8 in 1 Blender Review

My little boy is smoothie mad at the moment and it was a huge coincidence that I was kindly sent the Rapido 8 in 1 Blender  to review, from the guys over at TJ Hughes. My little cherub, well he thought it was his and thanked me profusely for getting it for him, haha!

I already have a blender, but it’s a basic one that i use for smoothies now and again. I was excited to give this one a whirl, as it visually appeared more hi-tech, and its description and gadgets included sounded tonnes better than my one.

This ultra-compact, ultra-fast 8-in-1 blender claims to processes any task in 10 seconds or less!

rapido blenderrapido 8 in 1 blender

It claims to do everything from chopping garlic and herbs, to mixing milkshakes and cocktails. Rapido comes with a 21-piece set, complete with serving cups and storage lids, so you can serve, save, store and even re-heat all in the same container.

This is an element that I really like, as i feel other brands do not give you enough serving or storage solutions with their blenders.

I decided to make the following dishes using the Rapido 8 in 1 Blender and do a mini synopsis of each.

Mixed Berry Frozen Yoghurt:

I simply added 300g of frozen mixed berries to the storage cup, juice of one lemon, the seeds from one vanilla pod, and a large pot of yoghurt. It was blended in 15 seconds. I thought it would have took a tad longer as the fruit was frozen, but it blended it all no problem. I made a huge batch of this and transferred into the storage cups. This is a great alternative to ice cream (looking at you Ben & Jerry’s haha). I love this with a little drizzle of chocolate shot over, for a quick healthy low-fat treat.

frozen berriesmuller lightfrozen yoghurt

Mango & Banana Smoothie:

My little rascals all time favourite smoothie. I simply chopped a banana and half a mango. I added them to the serving cup with some almond milk and a tablespoon of honey. I used the blending mode, and it was blended in 10 seconds, and my little cherub well he demolished in 10 seconds flat too!


Roasted Vegetable & Tomato Sauce:

I usually buy a jar of passata and add chunky roasted vegetables to it. Then my fussy toddler  proceeds to picks out every one. I decided to make a couple of batches of the roasted vegetables and passata but blend it, so my fussy rascal wouldn’t have a clue that the sauce was packed full of veggies.

I simply roasted red peppers, courgettes, red onion and mushrooms in dried basil, garlic and a little olive oil. I then added a couple of jars of passata to the storage cup and added the roasted vegetables and blended. The sauce was smooth and silky with not a vegetable in site. I froze half of the batch in the containers included, and it will be really handy to have the sauce ready and waiting for when i need to rustle up a quick pasta bake.


My favourite aspect of this blender was how easy it was to use. You simply placed the cup on the machine and it started to blend. No fiddly switches or messing about. It’s powerful, quick and the slimline model makes is handy, in terms of storing easily.

All in all a really great blender, that I am sure me and my little munchkin will get plenty of use out off.

Do you use a blender?

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