The Lip Products I Shouldn’t have Bought.

I haven’t bought any new lip products for so long. With a largish collection already on the go. I decided to work my way through my stash.

Butttttt, yes there is always a “but” these two lip products did catch my eye, and i decided to treat myself.

One is okay, the other not so much.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan:

I was dying to try out the NYX Lip Creams, as I had read so many great reviews. I opted for the shade “Milan”.

I read that this shade looks different on each individual. On some it translates as a Barbie pink shade, others it’s less harsh and edging to the nuder side of town. The colour in the tube does not look like the formula inside as you can see. It’s brighter when swatched, so be wary of this. It then looks different to the swatch when applied on my lips.I apply a tiny amount on my lips, and it appears to look like a bright mauvey pink colour. If i layer it up, it then becomes more of a bright pink shade.

The formula is soft on the lips and very pigmented. I do wish it was a little nuder, as I have a lot of similar shades like this in my stash. I can’t fault the price, (£6) or the formula, and the longevity of this product is great. It stays on the lips for a good couple of hours.

The formula is non-drying and feels really creamy on application. It also doesn’t leave a harsh matte finish, like some matte lip products that can be so unforgiving, showing up every fine line and piece of dry skin.

I wish i would have tried this in store, i would have opted for a shade that was a little nuder. But overall the formula of this lip cream is a really great. I highly recommend, just try and pick your perfect shade in store.

lipstick swatches

Mac Cremesheen in Creme Cup:

When i first tried this out I instantly didn’t like it. It appeared patchy and stuck into the lines and dry skin on my lips, it looked really odd.

I then tried lightly dabbing the lipstick on my lip, opposed to swiping. It did appear to translate on the lips a lot better with a lighter hand.

It leaves a light natural pink pearlescent, glossy finish on the lips. It feels comfortable on the lips, and it’s a really nice day time shade. But it doesn’t work. Any dry skin on the lips, this formula sticks to it. In a nut-shell, unless you have super smooth and line free lips, this lipstick looks totally horrendous.

A really beautiful shade, but unfortunately it’s let down by the formula.

Overall I am a little disappointed that I broke my ban, and ended up with 2 lip products I didn’t really ‘love’.

Wish me better luck next time.