Woodlands Beauty Baltic Triangle – DermaPlaning Treatment Review

I have featured Woodlands Beauty at the Baltic Triangle before on my blog, and you can find the post all about the shellac treatment and facial I received a couple of months ago here

I was kindly invited along again to try their Dermaplaning treatment, and I jumped at the chance.
Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation. A ten gauge scalpel is used to gently scrape off dulling dead skin cells, and remove peach fuzz hair from the face.

woodlands dermaplaning treatment

The benefits from this treatment include:

  • Smoothes acne scarring
  • Removes fluffy vilous facial hair (due to the nature of this type of hair, the peach fuzz hair doesn’t grow back any faster or thicker, after having this treatment)
  • Improves skin texture
  • Generates new skin cells
  • Helps to unblock blackheads and pores

Antonia the therapist is a skin novice. She is so informative and passionate about what she does, and I always feel calm and relaxed when in her company.

To begin, Antonia thoroughly cleansed my face ready for the treatment.

Antonia talked me through each stage of the treatment. First of all, she asked me to stay very still. Using the scalpel is intricate work, and she didn’t want to accidentally cut me.

This is an extremely rare occurrence, but I was asked to simply raise my hand, if i needed anything or if I wanted to move.

woodlands dermaplaning treatment

Scary stuff out the way, the actual treatment was nothing short of a dream.

It’s not uncomfortable in any way, it’s actually very relaxing. The scalpel feels as light as a feather over the skin, and in all honesty i nearly drifted off to sleep.

Antonia started at the bottom of my face, working in very small areas, lightly scraping up my face to the forehead area. She then used a new scalpel to start on the other side. (Another scalpel is used on the other side of the face, as the original scalpel becomes blunt).

woodlands dermaplaning treatment

The treatment took around 30 minutes to complete. As the dead skin had now been shed from the face with the scalpel, Antonia told me this was the perfect time to pack an intense treatment onto the skin.

So of course I had to take full advantage of this.

Antonia brushed an Agera Pro-C Peel onto my face, and it contained citric and I absorbic acid, which is pure Vitamin C, all these ingredients offer the skin a huge boost of hydration.

This peel in particular has no downtime. Even though the skin does not shed, the peel still provides the benefits of a skin peel that does shed the skin.

Winner huh?

The peel felt a little intense and tingly, but after 30 seconds it was removed with a couple of large wet clothes. As the skin was now more prone to harmful UV rays, Antonia covered my face in a high SPF.

When the treatment was over, Antonia showed me the cotton pad she has used to wipe excess skin, and hair onto. In a nut-shell, it was disgusting.

I have a picture, but I couldn’t bring myself to share it. In my opinion, nobody needs to be seeing that haha!

It was basically hair, and tiny particles of skin.

It was a really enjoyable treatment and my skin felt and looked amazing immediately after. At first it was a little red, as you can see below.

woodlands dermaplaning treatment

But after an hour or so it calmed down, and my skin was soft, supple, smooth and my skin-tone appeared more even.

A week later my skin looked and felt incredible. It appeared smoother, plumper and more radiant. Blemishes and white heads had also drastically reduced around my chin area. Plus make-up applied flawlessly as the skin was so soft.

An added bonus for me personally is that all facial hair was removed. I don’t like waxing any part of my face, as i always break out with tiny yellow spots after. As the more corse hairs around the lip and brow area were also removed during this treatment, this is a perfect alternative to waxing or threading.

I am so impressed with the results, and I have booked in for another Dermaplaning treatment next month.

If you are in the Liverpool area be sure to check out Woodlands in the Baltic Triangle. They offer a wide range of treatments and the salon is easy to locate. There is free parking outside, and it has a super relaxed and chilled vibe.

For more information, pop over to their website here


*Services featured on this post were complimentary. Please visit my Disclaimer here for more information.


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