The Book Recommendations

I can’t believe it’s that time again, the book recommendations monthly catch-up post is upon us. If you have a vay-kay on the horizon, or just after some inspiration in the ole book department, then you are in the right place.

So lets get cracking.


A dark, strange, suspenseful and thrilling book. The story is about a swish apartment, that two women rent (at different times). The story switches from the perspective of both women throughout, the former tenant and the new one. The apartment is kitted out with up-to-date technology and homewares, and is in a sought after area in London – but has a very low rent. What is the catch?

As you read this book you become to realise the two women are very similar. The landlord has a rigorous process of picking the ideal tenant, and has a specific type of women he goes for. But why? As his past emerges and his obsessive ways come to light, the two ladies own struggles and issues also unravel. With one of them meeting a fateful death, it’s a case of who done it, and why?

This story is gripping. I really enjoyed it, each character has depth. The story progressed at a good pace, and there was lots of twists and turns. The writer keeps the suspense high right till the end. It’s very different to anything I have read in a long while, and i look forward to the next book this author releases.

Humans Of New York: 

My favourite blog of all time. The owner Brandon Stanton’s innovative and profound approach to his writing and images, is nothing short of perfect. It’s a photo blog, that features images and interviews collected on the streets of New York. This book is uplifting, interesting and the images are magnificent. A book that you can dip in and out of, and one that will give you all the happy feels.

humans of new york

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena: 

I picked this up in the airport, and I couldn’t put it down. It’s a story about a couple who live in up-town New York, set in modern day. The couple leave their six month old baby asleep, and attend a dinner party next door. When they return, their baby has gone. The twists and turns, and pace of this book is totally on point. It flips between the perspective of the Mum, Dad and Detective. You suspect everyone, and who it turns out to be – i don’t think you would ever guess.

It’s set in presence tense which i don’t usually like, and i didn’t really like or feel any sort of compassion for any of the characters either – but the plot was thrilling and fast paced. I really enjoyed this book, and couldn’t put it down.

The Girlfriend – Michelle Frances:

I picked this up as it was recommended by a friend. It’s a psychological thriller. The story is about a young lady called Cherry who wants to lead a wealthy and upper class  life, and she will do anything to make this happen. Cherry meets Daniel who is from a wealthy background, his Mum Laura has it all, and Cherry wants her life. As the story progresses Laura tells a shocking lie, and her life will never be the same again.

There was moments when i couldn’t put this book down, and then moments I was a little underwhelmed. I think if you are just starting out reading psychological thrillers, then you will love it. But if you have read a lot of them, then you may find it a little predictable.

What books are you reading at the mo? Hit me up in the comments.



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