Striving for Perfection

I think we can all have a vision of how we want our lives to be, we can constantly look ahead, focusing on our dreams, aspirations and goals.

Our next holiday, personal milestone, new house, climbing up the professional ladder. Whatever it may be.

It’s good to work hard, aim higher, and do better.

It shows motivation, hard work, commitment, drive and determination.

All positive traits and attitudes.

But can we be striving for something that is unattainable, and jeopardising our happiness?

Wishing our lives away?

I can’t wait for this. I can’t wait for that.

Striving for the perfect life?

Once I have this, or achieve that, well then I will be happy?

We can forget about the present.

But this should be our priority.

As true happiness is experienced in the here and now.

From getting up in the morning, making a cuppa, to winding down of an evening.

Laughing with friends, chilling in the garden, a day out with loved ones.

These little things make us happy, but we can forgot this.

We can focus on what we want, and not what we have.

What we have, it can seem mediocre, boring and ordinary.

But it’s not, it’s wonderful.

It’s our life.

It is a gift.

It’s easy to forget this, getting caught up in our everyday routines.

We can take for granted, the little things.

The little things they all add up.

Good health, giving our time to help others, family, friends, love, music, dancing, laughing, talking, socialising, reading, exercise, work – the list is endless.

So whilst it’s great to want more and strive to reach our full potential.

It’s also key to remember, when we stop for a moment, and become fully present in the here and now, that is just as marvellous.

If not better.



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