The Joy of Homemade Bread

(In collaboration with Panasonic)

When I was pregnant i would make homemade bread every weekend. I found it to be a relaxing, and fulfilling hobby.

Fast forward to present day, a toddler and a full time job. I just about get time to butter a piece of toast these days.

My little rascal loves bread, he would eat it all day long. So this weekend I rustled up some fresh bread, it was such a treat. I forgot how easy it is to make bread, plus how amazing it smells.

It engulfs the whole house, and if i could bottle that smell and sell it to ya – well i would!

homemade bread

In my bread making days, my Nan gave me her old bread maker and I found this handy for when I wanted fresh tasty bread, quickly.

The additives and preservatives in shop bought bread are unnecessary, and homemade bread tastes tonnes better. There is no comparison.

Even though I enjoy making bread from scratch, realistically sometimes I don’t have the time to. A bread maker is such a worthwhile investment. You basically just add all in the ingredients (which isn’t many) and it does all the hard work for you. From kneading the bread, to cooking it perfectly. It really is a fool-proof way to produce a fresh loaf of bread.

I have been eyeing up the Breadmakers By Panasonic as the one my Nan gave me, broken. Looking on their site I have my eye on the SD-2500 Breadmaker it’s affordable, and can make an array of things from breads, to pizza’s.

This bread maker has really great reviews, and seems really easy to use. It has a speciality mode, that enables you to use a range of grains and flours. It also has a jam and compote mode. Which is perfect for our household – as my son’s all time favourite food is jam on toast.

What’s your favourite type of bread? Mine has to be any type of wholemeal, seedy loaf  like the one I made above – topped with houmous and rocket. Yum!


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