The Products I Didn’t Expect to Like

We can all buy, or receive items that we don’t think are gonna be all that. When they turn out to be just the opposite – well that be the bomb huh? Today I am chatting about five cosmetic type items I didn’t expect much from, but now can’t get enough of.

*Body Fantasies Pink Vanilla Body Spray: I am gonna put it out there i was a total body spray snob. I thought they was a cheap alternative to perfume, how wrong was I?  This scent in particular is really crisp, with peach and berry top notes, soft floral mid notes, and the base note is vanilla musk. No-one likes the overpowering smell of perfume so I am always reluctant to top up throughout the day, and this is where this type of product fit into life. A spritz of this over clothes throughout the day, and with this comes a light natural fresh scent. It isn’t obvious, nor overpowering. You just smell really nice. Winner right?

*Escape Therapy Balm: This Escape Therapy Balm I thought was a gimmick, but surprisingly it has been something I have been using when I feel stressed, tired and moody. I apply to pulse points throughout the day, the light scent of frankincense and sandalwood is both calming and up-lifting. Scent is the strongest of our senses and helps reset brain activity. When I apply this it helps me to breathe, relax and become more calm. The formula isn’t greasy nor drying – and the fragrance stays around for a while.

*GHD Smooth & Finish: I only featured this product a couple of weeks ago here on the blog, it is truly a god send. I thought it was so good initially, as a stylist applied it. But i was pleasantly surprised when it worked just as well at home. I think most peoples hair gets a little wild as the day goes by. This is in a nut-shell is going to sort this out. Full review here

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye: Marketed as as an eye concealer, but this little beauty does way more than that. I never hold any hope for high-street foundations or concealers, but this totally blown me away. Light, nourishing and comfortable to wear. It offers good coverage, doesn’t budge and can be used to conceal anything. I have this in my bag at all times. I dab down my t-zone in the warmer months,  as my hey-fever makes my skin appear so red. It sits on the skin beautifully, it doesn’t appear cakey or heavy. I highly recommend.

Lancome Juicy Shaker: When I first purchased this to be honest I thought the novelty would wear off. But now that the days are warmer, I am totally obsessed with it again. First things first the packaging is so much fun, a mini cocktail shaker – shake the oil and tint, and unscrew the lid and a gorgeous pointed oval soft, (I mean super soft) sponge is covered with a bi phased formula containing nourishing lip oils, including sweet almond oil and cranberry oil. The first thing you notice is the smell, oh wow! It smells absolutely delightful, this one specifically smells like a mixed berry smoothie. Dabbing the product on the lips, it feel so soft, just the right amount of product is on the sponge, so no waste. Berry In Love leaves the most gorgeous sheer light cerise pink stain, that stays around for around 2 hours with no eating or drinking. It is a lot lighter and pinker on the lip, than the colour in the shaker. The presence of the oil leaves a gorgeous shiny wet appearance to the lips. It is a really lovely product.

What products did you initially not have high hopes for, but now love? Hit me up in the comments.

 *Some of the products featured on this post are press samples or gifted items

*More information can be found on my Disclaimer here