The Book Recommendations

I have recently rejoined Goodreads on the quest to motivate me to read more, I always tend to have a book on the go, but lately I was uninspired by anything I was reading – and in turn was finding less and less time to read.

(Truthfully I wasn’t making the effort).

So i turned to the fellow worms in my life, and they hit me up with the below book recommendations.

I have shared a short synopsis of each book. I hope it may be of some help for readers, who may be lacking some inspo, in the ole book department.

the book recommendations

The Circle by Dave Eggars:

It wasn’t until around 40 pages in that I started to get into this book. Recommended by Sarah from Saloca In Wonderland The Circle has rave reviews across the web, and here is my take on it so far. Mae is the lead character who has just bagged a job at The Circle through a friend. The Circle basically runs everything, all internet activity in one safe and visible place. The campus as they call it, is what I imagine Google HQ to be like, innovative, modern, hip and brimming at the seams with all the latest technology. Mae has come from a dead-end job, and can’t believe her luck.

Her parents are super proud, and are shouting from the rooftops about their daughters new found success. But all is not as it seems at The Circle, and as I am delving in deeper into this book ( and as it says on the back of it, haha) things are going to take a sinister turn. The story is very relatable to modern day. In terms of technology, the internet and how everything we do can be traced, tracked and monitored.

This book is not the type I usually read. The plot is a little slow, the main character isn’t very likeable BUT it is an interesting read in regards to the dark side of the Internet. The Circle is a sinister place wanting to know your every move, and the programs and technology discussed in this book, are very interesting – and also a little petrifying.

The Breakdown by B A Paris:

Another recommendation, this time from my book worm friend Molly. The Breakdown is about the main character Cass who didn’t stop to help a women in a car, and now she is dead. Cass is receiving silent calls and has a feeling someone is now watching her. Cass is a character who is unpredictable, forgetful and paranoid. Her Mother suffered with Dementia, and she is fearful she is going the same way. Did she have more to do with the women’s death, and can’t remember?

Oh my, I always get completely hooked on these type of thrillers. This one is no different. It is fast paced, intense and has a lot of twists. I am constantly questioning Cass’s character, and what is going to happen next. I can’t put it down, I was up till 2am the other night/morning, eyes stinging. Good sign huh?

The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge:

I stumbled across this book on Amazon, and even though I have a tonne of these type of books, I am always open to exploring different peoples journeys, techniques and approaches regarding helping reduce feelings of stress, worry and anxiety.

It starts with Chloe chatting about her journey, she suffered with anxiety from a very young age and she truthfully and indepthly shares this with the reader, in a very clear and relatable way.  It is broken down into easy- to- read sections, she explains the science behind symptoms and gives step-by-step solutions to live a life free from anxiety.

From tips to taking social media breaks, meditating and mindfulness techniques. The guidance is all very easy to follow and incorporate into life, and Chloe writes in a fun and informative way. You feel like you know her, and she is talking directly to you. This book is very comforting, reassuring and up-to-date with the modern world, and the anxieties and stress that can become part and parcel of life.

If you like reading and are not on Goodreads then I highly recommend that you sign up. The app is a great way to find new books, have a nose at what your friends are reading, log your books and participate in reading challenges.

If you could only recommend one book to me, what would it be?

Hit me up in the comments.