Primark PS Bronze, Highlight & Glow Palette Review

I hadn’t stepped in Primark for years and years, shame on me right? Missing out on all their goodies.

But in my defence, I don’t really like crowds and in this day in age, why do they still not have an online shop?? Question for the FBI in my humble opinion.

Anyway’s back to business! After reading the lovely Annie’s review of the PS Bronze, Highlight & Glow palette a couple of weeks ago, I ran to Primarni and picked it up – and a whole lot of other things I didn’t really need. (The Primark experience, in a nutshell.)

primark bronze and glow

At the mo the beauty world is going crazy for it, and for £4 i can see why. This palette is visually more or less identical to the Anastasia Beverly Hill Glow Kit’s, priced at £39.00.

The packaging is cardboard, and lightweight. I took this on holiday with me last week, and it travelled well with no marks, or damage. It is a sturdy little thing!

But is it any good i hear you say?

In a nut shell, yes.

As you can see, the four shades look absolutely gorgeous.

We have:

Siesta – A slightly pinky, rose, gold, shimmer highlighting shade.

Sunbeam – An icy white, gold, shimmer highlighting shade.

Pool Party – A dark brown, matte contour shade.

Sundown–  A light golden brown, matte contour shade.

Summer in a palette basically!

When you swipe across each shade, initially they did feel a teeny, tiny bit hard and chalky. For 4 of your queens pounds, i was totally expecting this.

But from here on in, it only gets better. Once you swipe over the first layer, that hard, chalky texture disappears. Okay, so I ain’t no scientist, but I feel because the pans have a hard plastic case pressing down on each shade for hygiene reasons, this may be the reason why the top of each shade is a little hard, and chalky to begin with.

Because once you remove this and you start using the powders, the texture then becomes smoother, lighter and they feel super buttery. Each shade translates to the skin beautifully, and blends like a dream.

The shades are pigmented and have little fall-out.  If you are super, super pale then this may not be for you, but on the whole i feel this palette will really work for the majority.

I had to show you this picture, it isn’t the best snapshot. BUT, I am wearing Sundown in the hollow of my cheekbones and dusted around the perimeter of my face, and Siesta dusted across the top of my cheekbones. I had been out all night, walked in sweltering heat – and well just look at that glow (and my cheeky little rascal of course).

My favourite shades from the palette are Siesta and Sundown, they compliment each other wonderfully. But don’t worry the other shades have their uses too. I have been using Pool Party as a transition shade in the sockets of my eye lids, and Sunbeam in my tear ducts, and across my brow bones.

So yes, I have been getting plenty of use out of this baby. It is a right little bargain.

For £4, it is a total must buy.

Lucy has featured more products from the range over on her blog, Lucy Loves

With all them extra pennies you have saved,  go have an extra cocktail, or ten on your holly bobs! You deserve it!

What do think? Have you tried any of Primarni’s make-up yet? Hit me up in the comments.

A. X


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