Making our Music Magic!

(Sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic)

Music is a big part of our everyday lives, and it’s now more accessible than ever. From iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, – to being able to download radio station apps straight onto our mobile phones. I was in sunny Spain last week, and was super chuffed to be: A) able to lounge on the beach all day, and B) all whilst tuning into my favourite radio station.

making our music magic

Like most of the folk, I listen to an array of different music genres. From the rock and pop 80’s, right through to straight up gangsta rap.

My favourite album at the moment is Solange’s – A Seat at the Table, it is soulful, relaxing and poignant. It has been in my car for months now, and I listen to it most days.

Music makes us feel good, and has a range of health benefits. It improves our mood, and reduces stress and anxiety. It helps us re-live memories from the past, and overall it increases our mental health and well-being.

In this day in age we all either have, an iPod, music on our phones or playlists on our laptops. We also have probably acquired enough CD’s over the years, that our collections could rival that of HMV’s.

I have invested in a number of different types of speakers, because the louder the tune the better it sounds right?

Especially when entertaining, cleaning or doing some DIY. You want to be able to hear the music, loud and proud! Unfortunately iPods, phones or laptops, well they don’t project the music very loudly. I have been on the hunt for some new speakers as the ones I currently own are years old, and truly awful.

Nosing at the range of Panasonic speakers online, i found that I was totally out the speaker loop. I can’t believe that you can now play music from almost any source, and anywhere. You are able to connect speakers through wi-fi, and play or stream your favourite tunes. With some models you can also save your whole CD collection onto the speakers hard drive. How convenient is that? The designs are stylish, modern and sleek, all whilst projecting crisp, clear and beautiful sound quality.

If I had to choose my dream speaker it would have to be the Panasonic SC-All7CD. Ah it’s dreamy! I have so many Cd’s, and the thought of having them all in one place, well that sounds like heaven. The silver model is my favourite, I can already picture that baby right at home in my living room.

The amount of music we listen to, and the joy it brings to our lives on a daily basis, I personally feel these speakers are nothing short of a terrific investment.

More details about Panasonic Wireless Speaker systems can be found here

Do you have speakers at home? What is your favourite song or album at the mo? Hit me up in the comments.


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