Our Purpose

Life is a funny old thing, we can be plodding along and then suddenly something happens and we have an awakening, an idea, a craving to do something we have never done before.

Or we can be cruising along, uninspired, unhappy, lost and unmotivated.
Either way a crucial question to always ask ourselves to grow and evolve in this world is:

What is our purpose?
Why are we here?
What can we bring to this world that fulfils us, also whilst having a positive impact on others?

In life it is important to evolve and grow. It is important to challenge ourselves and try new things.
We’re not the same person we was 10 years ago, so I think it is safe to say that what our purpose was 10 years ago, won’t necessarily be the same as it is today.

We can be 22 or 82,  a mother, a friend and a lover. All whilst trying to find, or fulfil our purpose.

So how do we know what our purpose is? 

Some people don’t, and if this is the case the main objective in life is to find it. Life sends us signs, we are attracted to our purpose. What do we enjoy doing? What are we good at? What are we interested in? What do we feel passionate about? It is important to really focus on every little sign and feeling we have when it comes to unearthing our purpose. It may be very faint at first, but the universe will carry on sending us signs. We just have to be aware, in tune with our self – and study every little whisper and feeling that comes our way.

Why is it important to find our purpose?

We were not put here to just plod along on auto-pilot, we are here to help, create, inspire and in return live an authentic life. Every single person has gifts to give, and talents to share. It is important that we find our talents and passions and use them to fulfil ourselves, all whilst bringing positivity to others.

Why our purpose may not be easy to attain?

I think the story of JK Rowling’s success is a great example. JK was 32 when she started to write Harry Potter. She was a single Mum, broke and on Jobseekers. She was rejected, and rejected. It was a secretary who read her script, and insisted the publishers gave it a second look. And well, the rest is history. The joy, and creativity this women has brought to millions of children’s and adults lives can’t be disputed in any way. Sharing this story, was her purpose at that stage in her life. Now I am not saying that our purpose = fame or wealth. It is about sticking at something we enjoy and we know we are good at, working hard and believing in what we do.

When you know to change your purpose?

It is natural that we grow as human beings, to evolve spiritually and experience new things. Nothing lasts forever. A writer will not write the same book again, a magician will learn new tricks, and a Doctor will constantly be updating their knowledge as medicine evolves.
To get up and do the same thing every day, especially a task that is not challenging our mind and soul, nor bringing anything beneficial to anyone else’s life. This is the sign that it is time to move on, and unearth our new purpose.

I think either way, whether we 100% know what our purpose is, or are still exploring. It is crucial, exciting, motivating and fulfilling to pursue, find and then accomplish our purpose.

What are your thoughts?

Do you know what your purpose is?

Or are you still on the hunt for it?

Hit me up in the comments, I would love to know.



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