Mental Health, here to Help.

So mental health is a taboo subject on the whole.
I totally get why people do not want to talk about it, if you have suffered with any type of mental health issues then I feel you would totally understand this. Damn it is one of the symptoms.

Feeling embarrassed, lost and unworthy, closing yourself off from family and friends.
Feeling that the emotions and thoughts you have are not “normal” and if anyone dared heard them, well this would be nothing short of your worst nightmare.

But now more and more people are talking and sharing their experiences, and this is a very brave, crucial and incredible step for humanity.
We are not alone, and I am writing this post with the current Heads Together #okaytosay campaign in mind.

mental health

I have links below to all my posts that have been widely praised, they all surround talking about ways to help with anxiety, and promoting self-love and care.

They are all written by me, a person who suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and feelings of worthlessness. I am someone who struggled for many years to deal with adult life.

Practising mindfulness techniques, talking, and writing helped me to become the person I am today.
A happy, strong, driven, confident (for the majority) person who hasn’t suffered from a panic attack or feelings of deep sadness, or excessive worrying for a long while.

I am now hopefully a person, who can help others. A person who has been there, and knows that you can come out the other side, happier, stronger and live the life you crave, and most importantly deserve.


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Thank you for reading, as always.

Helpful resource, and more about Heads Together can be found here