Easter Chocolate Bunny & Egg Cones

I saw an Easter egg bunny baking silicone tray on eBay here, and instantly bought it.

I thought it would be fun to make up some Easter chocolate cones for the kiddies in my life, as they get so many traditional Easter eggs.
This recipe is fun and easy, (basically melted chocolate) and look how super cute the bunnies and easter eggs are?

easter eggs and bunnies recipe

Easter Chocolate Bunny & Egg Cones

600g white chocolate
Tub of hundreds and thousands
2 bags of mini eggs
Half pint of milk.


1) Add 1 litre of boiling water to a large pan and simmer on a low heat.

2) To a glass bowl add broken pieces of the chocolate and milk, then place the bowl in the pan.

3) Stir the chocolate until it has completely melted. (Around 5 minutes)

4) Take off the heat, and leave to cool for two minutes.

4) Take the bags of mini eggs and give them a good bash to break them.

5) Add the broken mini eggs and hundreds and thousands to the chocolate and stir.

6) Spoon the mixture into the silicone tray mould, and refrigerate or freezer for an hour. (Until firm).

7) Remove bunnies and eggs from the tray after 1-2 hours dependant on the temperature of your fridge. Repeat the process, this mixture makes 5 trays.

8) Place the glass bowl back into the pan of water, and keep warm on a very low heat.
(I find this the most effective way  to keep the mixture melted and smooth.)

easter eggs and bunnies recipe
I bought some Easter egg cones from eBay here and added 3 chocolate bunnies and 3 eggs, and a handful of mini eggs to each cone.
I have them stored in my fridge ready for Easter Sunday.

Unless I eat them all that is haha!

My little rascal loved adding all the bits and bobs to the melted chocolate, and the silicone tray really does all the hard work for you, I think the kiddies are going to really love them too.

Do you like the look of them?