Mac Warm Soul Blusher Review

Is it possible to love a blusher? Yes, I totally think so too.

I was introduced to Mac Warm Soul around 2 years ago now, It is one of them products that you try, and then think: “WOW where the hell have you been all my life?”

Mac Warm Soul Blusher Review

I recently hit pan (yes 2 years on, it lasts forever by the way) and staring at the fresh sparkly new one, well my little fingers started to type like there was no tomorrow.

Mac Warm Soul is described as a: “mid-tone beige with gold pearl.” It is a peachy bronzy shade, with hints of gold shimmer through.

Mac Warm Soul Blusher Review

It is the perfect blusher for pale skinned folk, (maybe a nice highlighter for darker skin tones?).

When I put this on I instantly feel my confidence increase – it can be worn with a strong lip, killer smokey eye, or alone. Warm Soul works perfectly alongside pretty much everything, giving a natural illuminating, bronzy, golden glow to the cheeks.

In all honesty I am a bit gutted, I so prefer the version I bought 2 years ago, it was more finely milled, and it was more pigmented.

The original was perfect, I could not fault any aspect of it.
The new pan is a total nightmare to open. You have to wedge your nail under the lid to pop the lid.
This new version is darker than the previous one I had. A light hand is now a must with this product, as when there is too much product on the skin, it becomes hard to blend, which then this makes it appear powdery and cakey on the skin.

I still couldn’t be without Mac Warm Soul it is one of my favourite blushers, and even through this version isn’t perfect it is still my go-to blusher.
I just pray that one day Mac revert back to the old mineralise formula, and the original easy to open pan.

Have you tried Warm Soul? What is your favourite blusher?