I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter

I seen this I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart Highlighter on Twitter, and ordered two straight away.
Priced at just £5 the inner – child in me could’t help but purchase it because,  well look at it?
(All the heart eyed emojis right here).

i heart makeup unicorn highligher

I have been an admirer of rainbow highlighters for a while now, but was never confident enough to purchase one, I personally didn’t think I would get much use out of that type of product.

But splurging £5 seemed a great way to see what all the fuss was about.

This product is incredibly pigmented, finely milled and has a frosted finish.
When swooping across with a fan brush, the colours that dominates is blue and green, creating a light sheer turquoise shade.
Not a highlight I personally would usually opt for in all honesty, it is a little cool toned and silvery for my liking.

(Swatch: Swiped twice across with my finger.)

When I applied it to my face, I was really surprised how beautiful it looked on the skin.
When using a fan brush and swooshing it across all the shades, you are picking up a lot less product than when you would be swiping across with your finger, so I really don’t feel this above swatch is a true representation of how this products translates to the face.

(No Filter, and a light dusting across the high-points of my cheek bones with a fan brush).

As you can see a light dusting creates a very subtle silvery, cool toned finish.
Surprisingly it is quite natural and flattering.
You could build the intensity up of course, to create a more striking and bolder look.

For £5 I highly recommend this highlighter, and I am so glad I took the plunge and purchased it.

You can buy here