Becoming a Parent….

Becoming a Mum to my little rascal, is single-handedly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my whole life. No-one can explain, or express the feelings, and love you have towards the little human you birth, they are a true, true blessing.

 I do occasionally ask the question why…..

Becoming a Parent....

Why awake so early little one? You don’t have a job, any plans, WHY would you want to leave the best place in the world so enthusiastically? It’s Sunday you know, and its 6am for crying out loud.
A lie-in would be pretty much everything, but if you ain’t tired (sorry scrap that, if you aren’t absolutely exhausted) well, are you even a parent?

Why does bath time equal busting the door open, barging in and throwing the biggest toys in the tub, doing a dance, and then proceeding to have a giant dump? Why babe?

Toys everywhere is a given, but why plant them in the most dangerous of places?
Prime example: figure strategically placed on the top of the stairs.
Before you know it, its legs akimbo tumbling down the stairs, with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle embedded in your foot.

Creativity is naturally brimming out of their souls, I really love all the paintings and drawings, but why all over my freshly painted white walls kiddo? There is a stack of paper and colouring books right in front of you son.

Chocolate. They would eat it till they burst. Bruce Bogtrotter ain’t got nothing on these toddlers.
Oh and don’t even think about having a sneaky piece without them. They sniff it out – like an animal sniffing out their prey.

Questions all the time, and I mean all the time. Not gonna lie I love it, an inquisitive mind I am told that reaps many rewards.
I will answer questions all day long, and feed all the knowledge I have to my little rascal.
But inappropriately timed questions, or the ones you just don’t know the answer to – well that’s a different ball game.

Why do people die?

Why does Hank (the octopus out of Finding Dory) have 7 TESTICELS and not 8 Mum? 


How did I get in your your belly? Did you eat me?

Why does that woman have a beard like Grandad?

So what gets you through I hear you ask?

The fact that all the above is absolutely hilarious, and I am pretty damn lucky enough to be a parent to this care-free, funny, loving and non-egotistical little person.


P.S: Please, please share your funny little human stories in the comments, I am dying to hear them.