Promoting Self-Love

Talking and promoting self-love and self-confidence is a taboo subject.

Self-love to some, can be associated with vanity, self-obsession, and taking far too many selfies.

But even though it isn’t a crime in any shape or form to love our appearance, do you think we struggle to love the person we are, on the inside?

Personally I think on the whole we do.

We very easily put ourselves down, without batting an eyelid.

Why did i do that?
I am rubbish at this!
Why haven’t I done that?
I could have done that better?
I am never going to be able to do that!

Imagine if we doubted, judged and treated family and friends the way we do ourselves?

I doubt anyone would like us, so why do we treat ourselves with such blatant disregard, and do it so easily?

  “It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine”.  (Author Unknown)

Promoting Self-Love

So how do we start to like “me”?

Focusing on our achievements, our good traits, and the positive aspects we bring to our own, and other people’s lives.
If we struggle to think of any (as some of us are far too humble) then what do the people closest to us love about us?
Ask them.
Are we caring, funny, loving, thoughtful, hard-working, have an infectious laugh, or have a lovely smile?
I am sure they will be happy to reel off a whole list.

Self-belief works alongside the above. With all our heart, we should believe we have good traits, believe we can achieve, believe we deserve everything we work so hard for, and most of all believe that we are worthy of our own love.

Accepting we are all different: It is so easy to look at other people’s lives and think we are under performing, under achieving, and lagging behind in life. But the truth is each person’s path is unique, and it cannot be compared to another. It is not always easy or plain sailing, but by projecting all our energy into feeling incredibly grateful for what we do have in our lives, instead of focusing on what we don’t have, will over time, help us to love, embrace, and become proud of the life we have.

Gratitude: I ramble on about gratitude a lot, I think it is the easiest way to banish any self- doubt and feelings of anxiety, and it’s so simple to practise.
To spare five minutes each evening and to simply write down a couple of things YOU feel you done well that day.
This helps us firstly recognise, and then focus on the positive factors we project into this world every day.
From making a friend laugh who is feeling down, to surviving a super stressful day without hitting the wine, or someone haha – well these are all things we don’t really give ourselves enough credit for.

It is a work-in- progress , but to incorporate some of the above factors into everyday-life, then we may just start to like and treat the most important person in life (YOU) with the respect they deserve.

What are your thoughts on promoting self-love?