Kiss Eyelashes Review

So lets get this out in the open. I ain’t blessed with natural, long fluttery eyelashes.
My eyelashes are short and straight, so I depend a lot on false eyelashes to give me the lashes I always dreamed of.

*Kiss Eyelashes are a relatively new brand that I have seen stocked in Boots.
I was looking forward to trying the lashes and seeing how they compared to my favourite false eyelash brand – Eylure.

Kiss claim that their eyelashes have a revolutionary tapered edge, this helps the lash to seamlessly blend in with your own. Priced between £4.50 to £5.99 for one set including the glue – the price range is similar to Eylure’s false eyelashes.

The two styles I was sent to try, were Pretty and Shy.
Pretty is by far my favourite, a thick full lash that appears natural and fluttery.

I wore the style Pretty the weekend, and here are my thoughts.
The lash strip is thin and lightweight, this element made the lash easy to apply and manoeuvre.
The glue is really similar to the glue included in Eylure’s. A white liquid when applied, and turns clear once dried.
The glue is good quality, it kept the false lash fixed to the eye-lid, and did not irritate the area in anyway.

kiss eyelashes

The lashes felt comfortable and lightweight, I loved how natural they appeared, and as you can see they do blend in with my own lashes well.

I am not the best at anything fiddly, and eyelash application so isn’t my forte. But these were really easy to apply.

Overall I am really impressed with the Kiss eyelashes, they also have a wide range of styles to choose from.