Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation Review

My friend Nicola who does my make-up when I have a night- out, has raved about Peggy Sage Cosmetics for a while now, Peggy Sage Cosmetics is a French company that has a wide range of beauty products, that are very affordable and amazing quality.

I have seen not just my friend, but a lot of make-up artists in the Liverpool area raving about the brand across social media, for example Kate Hayes who is a super talented make-up artist.

The packaging isn’t that luxurious or innovative, but the actual products on the hole are really top notch.

I went to my friends make-up masterclass last month, and the majority of the products she used were Peggy Sage.

When I was chatting to Nicola (Her Instagram is here if you fancy a nose at all the gorgeous make-overs she does) Nicola told me she has used the Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation, and thinks I would really like it, so I picked one up, and well I haven’t looked back.

peggy sage aqua silky foundation

Housed in a plastic circle container with a screw lid, inside there is a mesh that you press down on, with either your make-up brush or sponge, and it distributes the product onto it. I love this element as nothing is wasted, and it is quick and easy to use.

peggy sage aqua silky foundation

The consistency is a light fluid, not to runny and not to thick. It applies to the skin really well, and feels hydrating, it appears quite sheer on the skin – but blends perfectly leaving a natural dewy finish. But don’t fret it covers redness, pigmentation and dark spots with ease.
It is buildable formula, and you can achieve a medium to heavy coverage no problem without it feeling heavy, or appearing cakey on the skin.

peggy sage aqua silky foundation

The deal-breaker for me, with any foundation, is longevity. My pet hate is foundation moving about the face, and/or completely disappearing as the day progresses. Like who even needs that?
This lasts the day, I always use a primer just to help the skin appear smooth, but even without one, it is still long-lasting.

I think this product is really similar to Chanel Aqua Silk Foundation in regards to consistency, hydrating qualities and coverage, but I prefer Peggy Sage Aqua Silky Foundation, as it is cheaper, and for me is more long-lasting on the skin.

I have normal skin at the moment, which is prone to get more dry and dehydrated now the colder months are upon us. I have been applying a light dusting of finishing powder once applied, and those with oily skin will probably need to use a finishing powder also.

I have already ordered two more pots, I opted for the shade Beige Natural which is perfect for me, but with only 8 shades in the range I feel lighter and darker skin tones may struggle to find a colour match. But do have a nose on Google to see, I thoroughly recommend the product and look forward to trying some more products from Peggy Sage Cosmetics, especially their highlighters they look amazing.

Have you tried this brand?