L’oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask Review

I seen the 3 new L’oreal face-masks doing the rounds across social media, and after reading and hearing good things I decided to give one a whirl. I was going to jump in and buy all 3, but resisted and thought I would try my hand at just the one to begin.

There is 3 masks in the range:

Purity Clay Mask:  with eucalyptus, it aims to leave skin purified and matte without drying it.

Glow Clay Mask: with red algae and a beaded texture, the cream aims to exfoliate dull uneven skin, to leave a natural glow.

Detox Clay Mask: with charcoal, it is a deep cleansing mask,  that aims to clear pores leaving the skin clear and purified.

loreal pure clay detox mask

The latter was the one I purchased, I chose this one as I suffer with congested pores around my chin area, and I have tried everything to try and reduce them.

I love the concept of the 3 mask approach, and using different ones on different parts of the face, because well, most people’s skin is different. What may be going on around the chin area is not apparent on the cheek, or forehead so I was initially pulled in by this innovative approach, which albeit has been used in spas for a while, but never translated over to the high-street.

Housed in a heavy glass jar with a screw lid, I really like the packaging, and it is easy to scoop out the product.

loreal pure clay detox mask

I have been using this mask for 3 weeks now, twice a week. It hasn’t blown my mind like lets say GlamGlow does, but for the price I like it. For one, it is a thick dark green/grey creamy texture, that feels soothing, hydrating and pretty luxurious on application. The first time I applied it, it did not set, or turn hard – which I found odd. I have now figured when applied on wet skin, well the mask doesn’t dry, so do apply to dry skin, and then the masks firms up and sets perfectly.

loreal pure clay detox mask

When removing the mask, the skin feels super soft, clean and supple. A lovely glow is left behind and all in all, a nice experience is had. In relation to it clearing my pores, I can see a slight reduction, but this could be down to a whole range of factors, so I couldn’t 100% say it was down to the mask.

At £7 or less depending on any offers in Boots or Superdrug I would 100% re-purchase, there is around 10 uses in the pot, so at 70p a pop – it is totally worth it just for the creamy, hydrating feel on the skin, and the afterglow.

I am prone to break outs, my skin is sensitive and my skin did not react to it in anyway, which is always a bonus.

Have you tried any of the masks? What did you think?