Embracing Our Differences

The most singular thing I love about other humans, is that we are all different.

Some people love to travel the world, meet new people, see new places. Some people like to stay at home, visit the same places, and be close to their loved ones. Some people live to work, some people work to live. Things that I find interesting, you necessarily wouldn’t. Some love make-up and reading magazines, some people like watching the Opera and reading Shakespeare. Some love to be the centre of attention, some would rather sit and observe.

judgement postAs long as that person is happy, and is a good, kindhearted person, then surely, this is all that matters? It doesn’t matter, if one person knows the name of every Mac lipstick, but doesn’t know the difference between Macbeth and McLovin?

Some people may know both, or neither? It doesn’t make us any less of a person, either way. 

As long as we are growing, and challenging ourselves every day to become a better person, and lead a better life, in regards to being happy, and reaching our  own personal goals, all whilst showing compassion and kindness to others, then surely this is the main thing?

One person’s daily accomplishment, is different to another’s, some people struggle to get out of bed, and venture outside as they are crippled with depression. Another person’s goal may be buying an around-the-world ticket, and jet-setting off to start a new life.

Until we walk a day in another’s shoes, and truly understand their passions, hopes and dreams. Who are we to judge anyone, about how they are living their lives?

Just because their path is different to ours, doesn’t mean it is wrong. It means we are all unique.

It is so easy to jump to conclusions, but we should try and show compassion always. We haven’t got any idea what another’s life-decisions are based on, or what they are dealing with in their life.

If you are feeling vulnerable, and worrying about what people may, or may not think of you.

(I think we have all been there, at some point in our lives).


The Sparkling Soul

    ” The only opinion of you that matters, is your own.”