Food: Summer Fruit Overnight Granola

How yummy does this look? 

It takes around 5 minutes to prepare, and I usually make this the night before, so I have breakfast all ready and waiting.  I 100% prefer it the next day, as all the fruit has soaked into the granola, and it just tastes gorgeous.  

 Let’s get cracking.

summer fruit overnight granola

Summer Fruit Overnight Granola


30g of Kellogg’s Special K Granola

1 banana

A handful of frozen summer fruits

Handful of fresh raspberries

10g almonds

10g chia seeds.


1) In a food processor put the summer fruits in, with half a cup of water, and whizz till a smooth consistency.

2) Layer a sliced banana around the bottom of the glass, and up the sides.

3) Spoon the granola mix into the glass, leaving a tablespoon to the side for later.

4) Pour the summer fruit sauce over the granola.

5) Top with the tablespoon of granola, raspberries, almonds and chai seeds.

6) Place in a fridge overnight.

How easy peasy is that? You can substitute any of the fruit, and feel free to add oats instead of granola, the choice is yours.

It comes in at 7 Smartpoints on Weight Watchers, do you think you may give it a whirl?