Zoella Le Fizz & Bath Latte Review

I was after a new range of bath goodies, and when the new Zoella range popped up on my timeline on Twitter like 50 million times,  I could not ignore the fact how bloomin delicious it all sounded. Anything that sounds and looks like food, well I am all over.  If you have been living under a rock, and don’t know who Zoella is, she is the biggest beauty Youtuber in the UK, and has a legion of teenage fans, who I could imagine would have bought the whole collection as soon as it was released.

 zoella bath range

I decided to purchase the Zoella Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer, (£5)  and The Zoella Bath Latte (£6).

The Bath Latte has such dreamy ingredients in, I never hesitated to add that to my basket. With sweet almond, cocoa and honey and all in a milky form, it sounded so luxurious and relaxing. I adore the retro milk bottle packaging, and the subtle tones of blue and gold. It looks very chic in my bathroom. The bath milk creates an average amount of bubbles and smells really delightful, you can pick up all the scents as described, and this creates a very relaxing and sumptuous aroma. The milk when mixed into the water feels smooth and soft on the skin. I feel this is down to the sweet almond oil that is nourishing and softening the skin. For £6 I feel this product is well worth this price tag, you should get around 8 uses from it. The packaging really is beautiful, and would make for a lovely gift for a friend, or yourself.

The Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer looks like a giant chocolate bar, and again the packaging is beautiful with muted pink and gold tones. It looks really lovely teamed alongside the Bath Latte.  I broke off 3 of the pieces (23 pieces total in the bar), and it feels like a bath bomb texture, hard, slightly gritty and highly fragranced. When threw into the bath, the water fizzes up slightly and then the chunks disappear, and well that is it all done and dusted.  The scent is described as macaroon, and it does smell very sweet and creamy, and it lingers on for a little while. For me it is a novelty, and fun product. I really like that you can break off as much, or as little as you like.  I could imagine the younger generation would really love this, and appreciate it a tad more than me though. My little boy loves breaking a chunk off and adding it to his bath, but for me the winner is the Bath Latte.

Have you tried anything from the range?