Dressing Table Details

Every blue moon my dressing table looks like the below, (fist pump) opposed to an utter explosion of cotton pads, nail varnish stains, and make-up scattered all over it.

So I thought I would chat about the non make-up details that live on my make-up dresser, whilst we can actually see them.

H&M Pineapple Cushion: White, gold and pineapples well I could not resist this cute cushion cover. I think it brightens the area up a bit, plus we all need cushions to keep our bums happy.

Old Candle Jars as Make-up Brush Pots: An oldie but a goodie, some candle jars are just to damn pretty to throw away.  Pinterest has so many ideas on how to utilise them, this one being my favourite.

Happiness Jar: I have a post about how to make one here, I print out a load of quotes, and add it to the jar monthly with some sweets.  I pick one out whenever I am feeling down, unmotivated or just need a sugar fix.

Pineapple Dish: Sweet mother, H&M just nail the whole rose gold and pineapple thang. I use this to lash all my jewellery, bobbles, hair clips, and other bits and bobs.

Muji Acrylic Make-up Drawers: These were a real investment. The deep drawers hold mainly my eye-shadow palettes and any samples. I use the top for skincare bits and bobs. Robust, sturdy and a timeless piece, I would highly recommend.

Plastic Cutlery Trays: Housed inside the Malm dresser, I find the best way to keep everything in some sort of order, is to use large plastic cutlery trays from Ikea. Cheap, cheerful and easy to clean.

So what lives on your dressing table I would love to know?