Low-Fat Thai Tuna Fishcakes

Oh I love a good fishcake. Especially the Thai versions found in some Malaysian restaurants. I wanted to try and give them a whirl – low-fat stylie, and well it was a huge success.

 These are so, so gorgeous. Crispy on the outside, packed full of flavour in the inside.

tuna fishcakes

Thai Tuna Fishcakes


2 tins of tuna

100g potatoes

1 wholemeal crust

2 tablespoons of green Thai paste

2 spring onions

1 lemon

2 eggs


Salt & Pepper


1) Peel 100g of potatoes, and chop into chunks, and boil in a pan for 10 minutes.

2) Add tuna to a bowl, with Thai paste, whole juice of one lemon, salt and pepper,  half Palm of chopped dill, sliced spring onions, two eggs and mix together.

3) Add to a food processor, one brown crust and with the grate option blend. (If no blender you can buy ready-made breadcrumbs).

4) Mix this into the tuna mix.

5) When the potatoes are boiled mash, and also mix this into the tuna mix.

6) The consistency will be a gooey mixture. To a frying pan, add a teaspoon of olive oil, and ladle one blob into the pan. Let it cook for around 3 minutes on a medium heat, then flip.

(Tip: Ladle around the edges throughout to prevent sticking)

7) Repeat this technique. A medium frying pan holds around 4 fishcakes and the mix makes around 12 fishcakes. So 3 batches to be cooked.

8) Plate up the fishcakes, and sprinkle some of the leftover spring onions and dill over. I served with sweet chilli sauce, and low fat mayonnaise.

These come in at just over 1 Smart Point on Weight Watchers, and can be frozen, ate warm or cold.
I personally bring them to work with me, and serve with a side salad.