Asda George Quick Dry Nail Varnish!

So you pop into thee Asda for some milk and the colour nail polish you have been on the hunt for, for like forever is winking at ya! “Oh hiya you gorgeous bluey/turquoise metallic thang wanna jump in me basket and I will show ya a good time!”

Yeah that’s pretty much how it went.

george nail varnish under the sea

george nail varnish under the sea

Ok, so as if you get your nail polish from ASDA who even does that? Well me apparently. It was £1.75 for gods sake ,the milk costs me more than that!  I had to try it! And hang on. It’s only gets better.

The stuff is pretty damn impressive. This shade is super easy to apply with a streak free formula that applies to the nail smoothly, then dries in a flash. This colour leaves my talons looking oh so shiny, and this particular colour and metallic finish picks up the light just beautifully!

Just pop on two coats of this baby and your pretty much good to go. This colour is called “under the sea” and housed in a glass sleek bottle with 5ml of product. All for £1.75  One bloody pound and seventy five pence. It`s lasted 2 days with no chips, which for me is pretty impressive. I can’t get over it.

So anyways the next time your in Asda sack the milk and bread and head to where the nail polishes are. (Especially  this colour ) It’s where it be happening!

Have you tried any polishes from thee Asda before? What do you think? Are they as impressive as this shade?