Why use a facial oil?

Do you use a facial oil?

I must admit its pretty newish in my skincare routine. I was scared to try one I always thought an oil on my face would be the ultimate cardinal sin for my skin, resulting in an outbreak of spots and making my skin appear oily.

I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Why use a facial oil?

(Above are my top facial oil picks, that I have tried and loved)

1) Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil – Dehydrated Skin 30ml on offer for £24.

2) Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil – Oily or Combination Skin 30ml on offer for £24.

3) Balance Me Radiance Facial Oil -Suitable for all Skin Types 30ml Costs £30.

4) Trilogy Rosehip Oil- All Skin Types 20ml Costs £16.50.

Here are some reasons why using an oil is beneficial in your skincare routine.

  • Oils prevents water loss, resulting in plumping your skin that results in less visible wrinkles and an overall more radiant and healthy, glowy appearance.
  • Fight oil with oil. If you are suffering with oily or spotty skin, chances are introducing an oil will drastically help. Sometimes your body creates more oil because you are over drying it. 
  • In the colder months our skin is just screaming out for oil, oil, oil. Central heating, car heaters, office heaters not drinking enough water,  all these factor contribute to the skin becoming dry, dehydrated or both.

First thing is to pick an oil that suits your skin type.

Dry, oily or combination skin?

Don’t know you skin type? Visit a couple of beauty counters, and ask them to advise you.

So when do you use an oil?

I cleanse, tone, serum and then use an oil every other night in rotation with a moisturiser, but if you want to use a moisturiser also, then moisturise first and then use an oil.

A really thin layer is all you need all over the face, pressing it on lightly with your fingers.

The benefits I have seen personally over the past 6 months are: plumper more hydrated skin. My skin is a lot smoother and fine lines have reduced drastically.

Another thing I adore is they last forever you will only have to invest in one, once or twice a year.