22 July 2016

Food: The Soho Juice Co

As the sun is cracking the flags (literally), we are all craving refreshing cool and specifically COLD drinks.

My Mum has been raving about The Soho Juice Co juice to me for a while now, it was the gorgeous packaging that caught her eye. She has a couple dotted in display units around the house, and they look so quirky.

When the company contacted me asking if I would like to try the Juice, well how could I refuse

soho juice


19 July 2016

Beauty: The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Glow Cleansing Polish & Glow Booster Microdermabrasion Review

I am back at you with another offering from the The Body Shop.

I was invited to their blogger event in Liverpool 1 the beginning of the May, and told the lovely ladies that my skin was a little dull, and they all raved about the Vitamin C range. 

With a 3 for 2 offer on, I took full advantage and picked up 3 items from the range. Today I will be talking about the Vitamin C Daily Glow Cleansing Polish and the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion

vitamin C body shop review


15 July 2016

Food: Sweet Chilli Chicken Rice Rolls

With Summer here (errr well meant to be), I always 'try'  and eat lighter. 

Nothing screams the weekend more than a Chinese takeaway, and I am not one for depriving myself so I decided to have a bash at recreating the famous spring roll. 

I think I have made a half decent job at it to.

The trick is rice paper. You can find the sheets on eBay, Amazon and they are stocked at most Chinese supermarket's. 

spring rolls


11 July 2016

Food: Feta, Aubergine and Red Pepper Filo Slices

I had some filo pastry to use up, inspired by my love of Greek food, I kinda made up this recipe as I went along. It was a huge success. The slices where a little tricky to photograph as they are so delicate, but I had to get over this niggle, ( I ain't 100% happy with the image) and still share the recipe with you, as it is just so good. 

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