18 January 2017

Thai Turkey Noodle Bowl

I am pretty obsessed with noodles, I love that they are quick to cook and so indulgent and filling.

Through the week I am forever trying to cut corners and create a tasty and healthy meal.

This dish takes around 15 minutes to cook and as always is SO easy. 
I doubled up this recipe, and took the other half to work for my lunch the next day. 

thai turkey noodle bowl

16 January 2017

Guerlain De Peau Foundation

I had been eyeing this foundation up for so long, priced at £38.50 I was apprehensive to take the leap and purchase it. It is probably one of the most expensive foundations I have purchased, and to be fair I didn't even purchase it.
I won a competition on Twitter via Miss Makeup Magpie and Escentual, so I had £50 to spend on their site.

guerlain de peau foundation

13 January 2017

Managing Money

One of my New Year resolutions was to manage my finances better.
I finally came to terms with the fact that I am now an adult human, and I have things like bills to pay, and mouths to feed.
I thought it was finally time to start looking for ways to improve managing my cash, stop impulsive spending, but also whilst living my life to the fullest.
Carefully want to define being tight with money (eurghh), and being careful with money here (yay)!


10 January 2017

Cod & Pancetta with a Leek & Pea Broth

This dish screams Summer, initially. But don't be fooled, from the crispy bacon, soft cod and creamy broth, well all the latter creates the most perfect hearty meal.

As usual this is easy, peasy to make.

cod pancetta
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