26 September 2016

Food: Sweet Potato & Turkey Pie

This weekend I felt so Autumnal! I could feel the dip in the temperature, the darker nights drawing in, oh and not forgetting the fact I was cooking all the comfort food.
This recipe is a take on Shepherds Pie,  but I 100% prefer this version.
It is so tasty, healthy and filling.

turkey pie


23 September 2016

Lifestyle: Getting Autumn Ready.

Autumn is my favourite season, I love wearing tights, boots and hats everyday, I love the darker nights, the cold crisp air, Halloween, Bonfire night, the whole lot, well it gives me all the feels.

I thought I would share some of my favourite bits and bobs, that pimps my Autumn"o" meter to the max.

autumn essentials


16 September 2016

Lifestyle: Paris

I love, love, love Paris, I could up sticks right now and move there, it is one of my favourite city's to wander around soaking in the culture, sites and food.

One day maybe, one day?

I love that it is an easy non-fuss trip from Liverpool John Lennon Airport To Charles De Gaulle Airport the flight time is a little over an hour - you are there in no time.
From Charles De Gaulle Airport to central Paris this can take anything from 30 minutes - to an hour in a car, depending on traffic. A quicker and cheaper way to get to Paris, is to use the Metro with a station in the airport - it is really accessible, well for some people.

We done the Metro one year with a pram and luggage, it wasn't a good experience, actually it was a bit horrific, as there are so many sets of stairs, so since then we have opted to be picked up, I do this when I book the flights through EasyJet on their website.

This time around we stayed by the Arc De Triomphe, It was a lovely hotel called Best Western Mercedes Arc De Triomphe, it was around a 10 minute walk from the Arc De Triomphe and I would thoroughly recommend this as a base. I found this area more laid back compared to areas by the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame - but in all honesty I have loved each area I have stayed in, in its own way.


14 September 2016

Food: Low- Carb Frutti Tutti Pancakes

I am addicted to these fake pannies. I can't even describe how good they are without screeching and getting really excited. So I am just gonna dive in with the recipe. (Oh and by the way these are very low-fat, have more or less no-carbs), so yeah you can see why I get a bit ecstatic by the whole thing.

low carb pancake
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