22 August 2016

Lifestyle: Social Media, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

With the ever growing presence of social media within every inch of our lives, sharing our day-to-day activities to the outside world, is something that is now very much, for the majority "a daily do".

I am all for expressing what we love, and when we are happy, or proud of something - well our natural instinct is to share this passion, and enthusiasm.  I could never fight that, and I love the positive aspects that social media bring to the modern day world. I adore the fact you can share special moments with family and friends, no matter where they are in the world.

I love that you can celebrate, support, and share each others joyous moments, with just a couple of taps on a screen.

social media

19 August 2016

Beauty: Concealer Crazy

Favourite products at the mo, well they seem to be all the concealers.

Not wanting a heavy base in this warm weather, but subsequently wanting to hide the multitude of sins currently residing on my face, concealer has been my very best friend these past couple of months.

I think a big contribution to this fuzzy feeling towards concealers, are these 2  new finds.

eye concealer


16 August 2016

Food: Mexican Style Chicken and Rice, with Guacamole, and Lime and Chilli Corn on the Cobs.

On a Sunday afternoon I love to stick a load of food on the the table, get my eat on with the fambo, whilst having a good ole gab.

As it's the peak of Summer, the obligatory Sunday roast is a bit much on a hot sunny day.
So ya know, what screams Summer more than the fresh flavours, and ingredients from the Mexican cuisine?

These ingredients are even more so special, when left to mingle with each other. A time-saving trick for this dish, and one that you are grateful for the next day, in terms of cutting down the time spent slaving over a hot stove, but still creating a finger licking dish - is marinating the chicken.

It takes less than 5 minutes to do,  it gets shoved in the fridge, left overnight, and the flavours that develop over this time, well it helps to create a gorgeous tasty feast, in less than 20 minutes.

The recipe is as follows:

mexican food


08 August 2016

Lifestyle: July Favourites

Ah July you was a goodun,  I thought I would have a chat about some things I was loving, some old, and some new. I haven't done a favourites post for so long, so it was quite a job trying to wittle down everything, and pack it into one post.


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